NeuroMordel Updates via download link

Our free download of future NeuroModel® updates is available to all service level customers and partners of atlan-tec Systems GmbH.

You can found it here

To receive your individual password, please contact us.

Do you still have no service level agreement?

Then we would like to give to some information about our service level agreement:

atlan-tec develop software with great care and according to the state of the technology and takes care, besides, of a very extensive avoidance of program errors, as far as this can be reached by systematic testing procedure at all. In addition atlan-tec maintains the installation programme of the software and the software itself continuously so after that they always be getting adjusted to the current operating system versions, service packs and updates to the operating systems and software on the operating environment.

If our software is not adapted to the changes, it may happen that they eventually terminates the service or is no longer installed. For this reason, we must constantly change our software.

The cost of an update be the difference between the residual value of a purchased license and the original price of the current version of this License. Each newly purchased license without losing existing SLA per started year 25% of the value in purchasing the license. This corresponds to a linear depreciation over 4 years and so the german tax laws. In contrast, the SLA costs only 15% per annum of the full price and receive the value of a software license during the entire term of the SLA. The balance sheet is an SLA therefore a profit, because it prevents the depreciation of the software and its balance sheet generates an annual profit of 10% of the replacement value of the software.

The service level agreement must be drawn simultaneously with the purchase of the software, to obtain the value of a license. If a service level agreement concluded only after the purchase of a software, the software buyer must first update to the current version of the software and refund the depreciation loss of the software.

With a service level agreement, you receive free all version updates automatically and all service updates on demand. Of course, you have a customer service level still many other benefits.