NeuroModel® 3.2 with Valisensor released

In preparation for the great jump on multiprocessor support and graphic card support the new NeuroModel Version 3.2. was released. Parallel to this release we deliver for the first time our new Valisensor® to productive customer. This system was developed together with the Air Liquide E&C Solutions and now brought within the EU Excellence program HORIZON 2020 for actual application maturity.

Valisensor® makes it possible to replace missing sensor data. Will it trained with operational data, the artificial intelligence in the tool is able to learn the typical pattern of a production process and to identify faulty readings.

If one sensor fails and this failure is identified by Valisensor® identified, the tool can generate artificial substitute values for this sensor in the meantime. Not safety-critical processes can be ensured in this way for the further operation. In safety-critical processes, the operational reliability is further increased as an additional plausibility control is installed.

Starting now Valisensor® will be is implemented in all online-applications, to increase the availability of our optimizers. However, it can also be used as an single system, since it makes the hand driving in processes considerably safer.

Applications and references are already two available: a hydrogen plant of Air Liquide in the Netherlands is thus operated safe and a plant for washing of a large consumer goods manufacturer was tested offline. As part of the project CONSENS further processes of the partner Bayer, BASF, Procter & Gamble, Arkema and COATEX be tested with the new system. After the year 2016, the decrease for safety-related control systems is planned.


Flyer Valisensor