Training simulators

Training simulators represent another way of applying models, similar to a flight simulator. Just as a flight simulator helps a pilot learn to fly a plane, an equipment operator learns to operate industrial equipment with the help of a training simulator.

Without any risk!

A training simulator consists of a complete model of a process and a process control system. Ideally, the simulator’s process control system is identical to the control system of the real process.

The model of the process is the key factor in the training simulator. It consists of equations, which usually reflect the physical interrelationships. Typical examples include pump characteristics, heat transfers, enthalpy calculations etc.

The problem with conventional training simulators is that many interrelationships are not well known. Reactions at phase borders can already overburden the “exact equations”. This is exactly where atlan-tec Systems’ concept comes in:

atlan-tec Systems implements the basic framework of the training simulator using the APC Professional® software. This classic modeling is executed completely graphically – without any programming. The speculative parts of the equation systems are replaced with NeuroModel® blocks, i.e. neural models.

If these neural models are constantly trained with the current data of the real plant, the training simulator is able to learn and increasingly adapt to the actual equipment.

This means that atlan-tec training simulators are not only more accurate than other systems, but are also easier to maintain and expand.

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