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atlan-tec Systems GmbH has specialized in the technological part of digitalization and Big Data and benefits from more than 28 years of competence and expertise in the field of international large-scale industrial projects. Additionally, we see a growing demand in the medium-sized sector, which we are also very happy to assist on their way to digital transformation.
Our services consist primarily of
• merging laboratory data, quality data, machine or process data from various sources or databases
• processing and analyzing those data
• generating models, softsensors, predictors, digital twins and optimizers
• using these models to create autonomous self-optimizing processes that are economically optimized.

With our technology we assist our clients throughout the different stages of development:
• interfaces for control systems, controls and machine controls
• merging data from (1) and various databases such as QS systems, LIMS systems and PIMS systems into one database
• automated data cleansing
• removing time behavior of continuos processes and fingerprinting (landmark detection and formalization) from batch processes
• implementing and supporting data analysis with statistics, neural networks (machine learning) and white-box models (first principal based) using an advanced Six Sigma methodology
• use of the models as soft sensor
• use of the models as predictors (prediction of quality deviations)
• setup and operation of APC systems and real-time optimizers

The following graphic shows our procedure schematically:

To support our clients beyond the technological part of Industry 4.0 we are happy to connect you with our specialized Industry 4.0 partner network,
that consult companies in additional aspects of digital transformation – such as resources, organizational structure, company culture.

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