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atlan-tec designed the first CCPS Conference on Safety and Big Data

On 5th and 6th of October 2016 the first CCPS Conference on “Safety and Big Data” will take place at DECHEMA. The conference is a non-profit event and is organized by DECHEMA, EPSC and AICHE. At the conference, international experts show new ways of using Big Data methods to make the operation of plants safer. The contributions from atlan-tec’s  partner network focus on applications where models not only increase safety but also significantly reduce the variable costs of operation, opening up new business models which amortize expenses for more safety within a few months.

The conference is groundbreaking, because it will open up a whole of revolutionary applications. The program also promises a balanced mix of practical applications and theoretical backgrounds. The planning committee has selected the contributions on practical relevance, innovation and value.

The planning committee was led by Shakeel Hadri (Executive Director CCPS), Dr. Hans Volkmar Schwarz (BASF, Vice President Process & Occupational Safety) and Pol Hoorelbeke (TOTAL, Vice President Safety Management, Fellow Process Safety) and consists of top international experts of the entire industry. Our CEO Thomas Froese has represented as chairman of the technical committee of the FA 7.24 of the VDI/VDE/GMA the interests of german big data experts.

Registration for participation is now running. For any questions or interest please talk to Dr. Horst Massong.

atlan-tec supports policy work in VDI

atlan-tec Systems has designed the work of the technical committee VDI/VDE/GMA FA 7.24 “Big Data” with and contributed to the position paper “Use Cases” 25 selected sample applications from their own project work. The paper concisely demonstrates the possibilities that arise with technologies from atlan-tec.

 The technical committee has also developed the position paper “Best Practice of using Big Data in the production industry” and will also publish it until the end of June. This position paper is a precursor to a policy, which is a valuable guide for users, such as Big Data technologies to be applied in accordance with the prior art in order to achieve results successfully. The structure of the paper is based on Six Sigma projects, but is uses as opposed to the classic Six Sigma modern Big Data methods.

 atlan-tec Systems has chosen strategically, all tools, methods and project management of engineering work strictly adapt to these recommendations, to provide our customers always the best solutions. In this way, we ensure the quality of our work and enable efficient and transparent project handling and performance solutions. The Best Practice Workflow is incorporated into our software by declaration components and adapted the automated functions of the software to this approach.

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NeuroMordel Updates via download link

Our free download of future NeuroModel® updates is available to all service level customers and partners of atlan-tec Systems GmbH.

You can found it here

To receive your individual password, please contact us.

Do you still have no service level agreement?

Then we would like to give to some information about our service level agreement:

atlan-tec develop software with great care and according to the state of the technology and takes care, besides, of a very extensive avoidance of program errors, as far as this can be reached by systematic testing procedure at all. In addition atlan-tec maintains the installation programme of the software and the software itself continuously so after that they always be getting adjusted to the current operating system versions, service packs and updates to the operating systems and software on the operating environment.

If our software is not adapted to the changes, it may happen that they eventually terminates the service or is no longer installed. For this reason, we must constantly change our software.

The cost of an update be the difference between the residual value of a purchased license and the original price of the current version of this License. Each newly purchased license without losing existing SLA per started year 25% of the value in purchasing the license. This corresponds to a linear depreciation over 4 years and so the german tax laws. In contrast, the SLA costs only 15% per annum of the full price and receive the value of a software license during the entire term of the SLA. The balance sheet is an SLA therefore a profit, because it prevents the depreciation of the software and its balance sheet generates an annual profit of 10% of the replacement value of the software.

The service level agreement must be drawn simultaneously with the purchase of the software, to obtain the value of a license. If a service level agreement concluded only after the purchase of a software, the software buyer must first update to the current version of the software and refund the depreciation loss of the software.

With a service level agreement, you receive free all version updates automatically and all service updates on demand. Of course, you have a customer service level still many other benefits.

NeuroModel® 3.2 with Valisensor released

In preparation for the great jump on multiprocessor support and graphic card support the new NeuroModel Version 3.2. was released. Parallel to this release we deliver for the first time our new Valisensor® to productive customer. This system was developed together with the Air Liquide E&C Solutions and now brought within the EU Excellence program HORIZON 2020 for actual application maturity.

Valisensor® makes it possible to replace missing sensor data. Will it trained with operational data, the artificial intelligence in the tool is able to learn the typical pattern of a production process and to identify faulty readings.

If one sensor fails and this failure is identified by Valisensor® identified, the tool can generate artificial substitute values for this sensor in the meantime. Not safety-critical processes can be ensured in this way for the further operation. In safety-critical processes, the operational reliability is further increased as an additional plausibility control is installed.

Starting now Valisensor® will be is implemented in all online-applications, to increase the availability of our optimizers. However, it can also be used as an single system, since it makes the hand driving in processes considerably safer.

Applications and references are already two available: a hydrogen plant of Air Liquide in the Netherlands is thus operated safe and a plant for washing of a large consumer goods manufacturer was tested offline. As part of the project CONSENS further processes of the partner Bayer, BASF, Procter & Gamble, Arkema and COATEX be tested with the new system. After the year 2016, the decrease for safety-related control systems is planned.


Flyer Valisensor


Interview by McKinsey

atlan-tec performs projects at the customer with the target of costs optimizing. The really important projects naturally will accompanied or conducted by the big management consultancies, to measure and evaluate success neutrally, but also to guarantee professional competence.

McKinsey, as a leading management consultancy presents itself for several years increasingly to the challenges of the production and has conducted an interview with our CEO in connection with the digitization initiative. Thematically the interview is concerned with the reasons for delays of digitalization (Big Data) by large companies. This interview was published on the McKinsey website.

McKinsey Interview

Soft sensors in the plastics processing industry

Our exclusive technology partner SKZ – Das Kunststoffzentrum has successfully completed the IGF-research 17165N with the atlan-tec modeling technology and the software NeuroModel® and thereby dealt intensively with limits and possibilities of soft sensor.

The research project is available as a book. It is titled „Softsensoren in der Kunststoffverarbeitung – Qualitätssicherung für die Compoundierung und Extrusion“ and can be ordered by Shaker Verlag (Link:

Our clients and partners have to find out the possibility to inform neutrally above the topical state of the technology and to develop their own ideas for projects. Further publications are in preparation, such as a monograph about color measurement and color control in extruders with neural networks.

10 years aquatune

 10 years ago Dr. Jörg Gebhardt and atlan-tec founded the aquatune – Dr. Gebhardt & Co. GmbH based in Aarbergen. The company`s goal is, to make the intelligent technology of atlan-tec available in water- and effluent technology plants like purification plants, water supply well control and drinking water plants. This requires special expertise, which brought the former director of the Passavant-Roediger-Controls GmbH Jörg Gebhardt. The result is a model for success.

Today aquatune is the only supplier worldwide, who offers sustainable APC 4.0 solutions in the field of water treatment. The technology is already established in many major towns and communities in Europe and saves up to 30% of energy. Apart from the environmental impact energy costs are the biggest variable cost factor in purification plants. The operational reliability of the plants is additionally increased, since the model-based control acts with foresight and considers future weather events in the process control. Faulty operations are completely eliminated by the standardized methodology.

The spin-off is a successful model and a model for other similar industry solutions, which were and are also initiated by atlan-tec. The special feature is, to combine the special know-how of industry leaders with the modern technology of atlan-tec.

We share the excitement with the team of aquatune about the great success and look forward to further success with our partners in the network.

CONSENS paves the way for the factory of the future!

Sustainable and flexible production of high quality chemical products

CONSENS paves the way for the factory of the future by developing novel sensors and integrated process control techniques

Leading European chemical companies and research groups have launched the research and innovation project CONSENS on Integrated Control and Sensing for Sustainable Operation of Flexible Intensified Processes, funded by HORIZON 2020, the European Union’s Research and Innovation Programme.

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