atlan-tec supports policy work in VDI

atlan-tec Systems has designed the work of the technical committee VDI/VDE/GMA FA 7.24 “Big Data” with and contributed to the position paper “Use Cases” 25 selected sample applications from their own project work. The paper concisely demonstrates the possibilities that arise with technologies from atlan-tec.

 The technical committee has also developed the position paper “Best Practice of using Big Data in the production industry” and will also publish it until the end of June. This position paper is a precursor to a policy, which is a valuable guide for users, such as Big Data technologies to be applied in accordance with the prior art in order to achieve results successfully. The structure of the paper is based on Six Sigma projects, but is uses as opposed to the classic Six Sigma modern Big Data methods.

 atlan-tec Systems has chosen strategically, all tools, methods and project management of engineering work strictly adapt to these recommendations, to provide our customers always the best solutions. In this way, we ensure the quality of our work and enable efficient and transparent project handling and performance solutions. The Best Practice Workflow is incorporated into our software by declaration components and adapted the automated functions of the software to this approach.

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